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  • RelyEZ HavenLite

RelyEZ HavenLite

The low-voltage residential energy storage system adopts a scalable battery modular design with 1 to 4 fexible battery modules and an attractive design

allowing the battery capacity expansion from 5kWh  to 20kWh. 

The use of a 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery makes the device safer and more reliable. 0.5  C charging and discharging efficiency and excellent  performance.


The electrical construction is optimized for residential  use and enhances safety. Remote control by APP, with  an overview of the energy storage data. 

You can check  the operating status of the product at any time, and  the module can be equipped with an optional aerosol  are suppression module;

Modular design with high-quality lithium iron batteries that can be flexibly expanded and are  compatible with mainstream inverters worldwide;

Liquid cooling batteries with a cycle life of over 8,000  cycles, high efficiency and a design life of up to 20 years.




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    Residential Energy Storage

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