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Our innovative systems integrate with renewable energy generators or storage units, delivering auxiliary services directly to the customer or within the enterprise. We provide custom solutions engineered to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. These systems not only optimize energy utilization for businesses but also significantly cut energy expenses, bolster energy reliability, and shrink the ecological footprint.

High Integration

Our modular design allows for easy expansion, with cabinets that directly output AC power. They support AC-side parallel connections for multiple units, boosting power and energy density by over 30%.

High Security

Designed with single-cluster precision control, we avoid parallel connections on the DC side to minimize short-circuit currents. Our energy storage cabinets maintain electrical and fire safety isolation, and the battery core temperature variance is kept under 3°C, enhancing both safety and battery life.

High Performance

Our systems integrate advanced liquid cooling technology, enhancing efficiency by over 1% compared to air-cooled systems, alongside a PCS boasting 99% maximum efficiency, leading to better performance, longer lifespan, and sustained efficiency under various operational conditions.

  • High integration

    High integration

  • Long Lifecycle

    Long Lifecycle

  • Efficient and Flexible

    Efficient and Flexible

  • High Security

    High Security

Modular Design;

High Energy Density;

Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Ultra-long life;

The battery cycle exceeds 8,000 times;

And the design life can exceed 20 years.

Intelligent cell-level temperature control ensures higher efficiency and longer battery cycle life;

Modular design, supporting parallel connections, makes system expansion much easier;

Supports grid-connected/off-grid operation with high reliability and stability.

The battery compartment adopts a distributed air-cooling strategy;

To control the temperature of each cluster accurately and independently;

It adopts an intelligent fire-fighting system with IP55 protection level, muti-point monitoring and early warning, and has a rapid fire-fighting function.