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RelyEZ delivers steadfast backup power for homes, combining advanced inverters, state-of-the-art energy storage technologies, and sophisticated Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Grid-Connected Mode:

Our system integrates smoothly with the grid, supplying power seamlessly to your home as needed. It intelligently charges using surplus electricity from renewable sources like solar panels and returns excess energy to the grid, optimizing your energy use and savings.

Off-Grid Mode:

For complete independence, our off-grid mode offers a self-reliant energy solution, ensuring that your home remains powered without any grid connection.

Backup Mode:

In the event of power outages or grid disruptions, our system switches to backup mode, delivering a reliable power source to keep essential home functions running smoothly, without interruption.

Choose RelyEZ for an empowered and uninterrupted home energy experience, no matter your preferred power supply mode.

  • Long Lifecycle

    Long Lifecycle

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and High Security

    Comprehensive Monitoring and High Security

  • Scalability and Convenience

    Scalability and Convenience

Our residential energy storage has a long battery lifecycle;

Ensuring reliable and cost-effective energy storage for your home.

The electrical construction is optimised for residential use and enhances safety;

Remote control by APP, with an overview of the energy storage data.

The scalability of our products allows you to add more energy storage modules as needed;

Its ease of installation also means that you can install it without requiring extensive technical knowledge, saving time and effort.