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Monitoring system:

It is a basic platform for real-time data collection, status detection, remote control, and automatic operation of substations, 

photovoltaic power stations, energy storage power stations, and other areas, using computers, communication equipment,

and collection equipment as basic tools.

The system mainly includes:

Power monitoring software

Computers, UPS, timing devices, etc.

Switches and communication networks

Inverters, converters, etc.

Medium and high voltage microcomputer protection, measurement and control devices

Low-voltage multi-function meter

Other equipment (temperature controller, DC screen, etc.)


RQEnergyHub——EMS energy management system: 

to realize the monitoring, control, power distribution and other functions for multiple sets of energy storage units. 

It includes the following main functions:

1: Real-time monitoring function: to realize real-time monitoring of energy storage units, PCS, photovoltaic, 

combustion engine and other equipment.

2: to meet the future EMS energy management system for big data, cross-platform access needs.

3:It can realize rapid mining and analysis of massive data, and display the list of battery monitoring data collected in high density.

4:Strategy monitoring: Supported optical storage control strategy Plan tracking Anti-reverse current control Automatic charging Capacity

 calibration Firefighting linkage Off-grid switching Other linkage: shutdown/start UPS, charging and discharging start-stop BMS battery cabinets.

5: Logic Programming Function: Support arithmetic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), 

logic operation (greater than, equal to, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, with, or, not), 

function (all functions supported by LUA), customized EMS components (storage power allocation, generator power allocation), 

support for customized logic components (implemented by LUA script), control output components (AO,DO),

logic module ( Anti-dither delay, disassembly by bit, input selection).

6: report browsing function: support energy storage revenue report; support energy storage charging/discharging statistics report; 

support PCS/BMS operation report; support battery voltage/temperature report; all reports support querying by day, month and year time period.

7: web browsing function: view real-time data, main wiring diagram, operation data, power curve and control strategy of each device 

through WEB page.

It can help companies eliminate silos, reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and speed up the response to 

abnormalities in the substation and distribution process.


Data Management

Data Management

High Precision Data Acquisition

High Precision Data Acquisition

Intelligent Control Strategy

Intelligent Control Strategy

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable



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