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RelyEZ at 2023 SNEC ES+(Shanghai)

Release time: Nov. 27, 2023

On November 1, 2023, SNEC 8th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology and Equipment and Application (Shanghai) Conference kicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shenzhen Yuanxin Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. brought a full series of energy storage products and intelligent energy storage solutions, such as GridUltra large-scale energy storage, VenturePro industrial and commercial energy storage, HavenLite household energy storage, portable energy storage, etc. to the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, Yuanxin Energy Storage released a variety of new products on the platform, and R&D Director Leng Qingya made a keynote speech entitled "Full series of product release based on 314 platform", which attracted a lot of popularity and made a strong appearance in the circle.

RelyEZ at 2023 SNEC ES (Shanghai)

As the core regulator of the new power system, the global energy storage market has witnessed explosive growth along with the low-carbon energy transition, with China and overseas markets resonating at the same frequency and shipments reaching record highs. Adhering to the concept of "serving the transformation of energy structure and constructing intelligent energy storage products", Far Eastern believes that scientific and technological innovation is the leading factor in creating all-round energy storage solutions.

This exhibition. Franshion launched a new generation of GridUltra 4.18MWh large-scale energy storage based on 314Ah high-capacity core platform, VenturePro 261kWh industrial and commercial energy storage products, and 104.499kWh energy storage Pack solutions, which are simpler to deploy, with better LCOS, easier maintenance, and more than 20% savings in floor space.

The new GridUltra 4.18MWh energy storage system features a 20-foot standard cabinet, modular design, high energy density, short project delivery period, and a system cycle life of over 10,000 cycles under standard operating conditions. It is equipped with intelligent fire protection system design, multi-point monitoring and warning, and the temperature difference of the liquid-cooling system electric core is controlled within 3℃. At present, the product has locked up more than 2GWh intentional orders.

The new VenturePro 261kWh industrial/commercial all-in-one machine adopts All-in-one design, with direct AC output from the cabinet, supporting parallel connection on the AC side of multiple cabinets, and increasing power and energy density by more than 30%. Liquid-cooled efficient heat dissipation, system cycle efficiency increased by more than 1%, PCS three-point topology, maximum efficiency of 99%. Single cluster fine control, no parallel connection on DC side, low short circuit current. Intelligent fire system design, multi-point monitoring and warning, liquid cooling system core temperature difference is controlled within 3℃.


The new 104.499kWh liquid-cooled energy storage Pack with 2.15m length design enables higher integration of the energy storage system, increases the system capacity by 100%, saves 50% of the floor space, and can meet the use in high-cold and high-altitude areas.

In this exhibition, Far Eastern also launched the RQEnergyHub energy management platform for large-scale energy storage and industrial and commercial energy storage. Relying on powerful AI intelligent algorithms and core-level data collection capability, the platform selects the required functions according to the application scenarios and realizes graphical centralized management, which can realize real-time monitoring of operation data, accurate calculation of revenue data, and unique AI neuron algorithms, which can help users to realize greater revenue in power trading.

Wang Yu, Chairman of Yuanxin Energy Storage, said that Yuanxin Energy Storage has formed a full-chain layout from development, design, production, deployment, intelligent operation and maintenance around the energy storage business, providing customers with one-stop optimal energy storage investment and financing and product solutions. With the deepening of low-carbon energy transformation, energy storage products are being rapidly upgraded and iterated. In the face of the domestic and foreign synchronous resonance, the demand for energy storage market blowout, Yuanxin energy storage will be based on scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the nature of manufacturing, and continue to provide customers with more efficient, better quality energy storage products and solutions, to create maximum value for customers.